Single Cone Rings
    Multi Cone Rings

    Anand CY Myutec Automotive Private Limited was established in 1992 as a Joint venture between CY Myutec, Korea and ANAND, India to manufacture Synchronizer rings for the Indian automotive industry. As India’s leading manufacturer of Synchronizer Rings, the company has advanced expertise in manufacturing single cone and multi cone synchronizers for passenger car applications with the capability of supplying friction-coated rings tailored to customer requirements.

    About CY Myutec, Korea

    CY Myutec was founded as Kum Sung Autonics in 1985. CY Myutec Co. Ltd. is a company known for its technical enterprise that accommodates its customers' needs and provides best in class quality. CY Myutec manufactures a variety of technical products such as factory automation systems, automotive parts, relay devices, software program for PC and PLC, etc.

    It designs and produces a wide range of automated mechanisms and their associated parts. CY Myutec has established itself as the largest and best technical expert, particularly, in the production of synchronizing gear (Synchronizer ring), used in manual transmission.