Single Cone Rings
    Multi Cone Rings

    As a leading manufacturer and supplier of Synchronizer Rings, we strive to bring value to our customers. The attention to detail and complete focus on customer satisfaction has contributed to the goodwill we have garnered among some of the leading automobile manufacturers in India.

    The only company in India to use the Liquid Honing process

    Anand CY Myutec Automotive Private Limited is the only manufacturer of Synchronizer Rings in India to use the Liquid Honing process, which results in improving the initial performance of the product.  Supported by advanced expertise from our collaborators, we are also able to provide the advantages of carbon coating, fabric carbon, carbon molding, and steel ring technologies to our customers.


    Our customers include some of the leading names in the Automobile Industry:

    • Ford India Limited
    • Hyundai Motors India Limited
    • Maruti Suzuki India Limited Suzuki
    • Powertrain India Limited
    • Mahindra & Mahindra
    • Getrag China
    • Tata Motors

    Focus on the Aftermarket

    Anand CY Myutec Automotive Private Limited has recently started focusing on the Aftermarket for Synchronizer Rings.  The company has already begun establishing a dealer network in India and its neighbouring countries. Though currently the Aftermarket is a smaller contributor to our turnover, going forward it will be a strong area of focus for the company.